An International Experience at Brescia

Orientation Week

Sunday was the start of Orientation Week! It was also the day that all the students from Canada arrived to move in. We decided to go to Walmart to escape from all the crowds and noise. As usual, I bought too much stuff again, but it was fun. When we came back it was time to meet our Soph! She accompanied us the whole week and walked us around. Everyone was split into groups of five to seven, which created another opportunity to get to know some of the other girls. In the evening, we had a welcome BBQ and a bonfire.


Monday afternoon were the openings ceremony. I had never seen this before and was very impressed! Every school and program had their own cheers and openings dance.

After the ceremony, it was time for the first concert. It was an EDM concert, which I really like, so I had a very good time!

Tuesday was the Foundress Day Ceremony, when every first-year student had the opportunity to write their name in the Class Book of 2020 and received a Brescia pin and a rose. After the Ceremony, the students took a class photo. In the evening we all stayed at home as we were very tired from the day before ;).

Wednesday night was One Love, I heard from a lot of people that this event was the best thing of the whole week so I didn’t know what to expect. This was definitely one of the most impressive nights. Everyone was so impressed, you could hear a pin drop. This is one of the things that I love about Brescia , everyone can express themselves and be themselves.


The next day was the first day of classes so there were no events during the day. In the evening was another EDM concert, and again, I loved it. On Friday was the closing ceremony, and it was amazing. At night was the Western Carnival!

Saturday it time to hit the gym! I went to the gym at Brescia, but there’s also a really great gym at Western, which I really like. It’s so awesome that you can use all of the Western facilities as a Brescia student. In the afternoon we went to the football game, and stayed for the first half but Western was winning 45-0 so we headed back before it finished!

That evening the Brescia girls and I attended a dinner where we ate tacos, drank mocktails and had henna put on our hands!


Altogether, it was a great week and I met some really great friends; who I will cherish!

X Floor